TRANS ARC engages in and encourages research that seeks answers to questions from the perspective of the TGNB community.

We are committed to disseminating the findings of this research back to the TGNB community, as well as those who fund this research.

Questions we are exploring
︎︎︎what are the barriers to care?
︎︎︎what are experiences of surgeries and surgical outcomes?
︎︎︎what are the goals for surgical priorities?
︎︎︎how do we focus on and center views and voices of folks of color?
︎︎︎how to create a safe space for discussion on these topics?

TRANS ARC research and resources


Transgender and Nonbinary Surgery Allied Research Collective

Who We Are
Our Work

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Support of TRANS ARC includes a PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute) Engagement Award and Oregon Health & Science University

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